Shenan Reid Riddick
In Memory of Shenan
April 14, 1972 – October 22, 2009

Shenan's Voice

“I don’t want any woman to endure the pain and suffering that come with advanced stage cervical cancer. I want my voice to be heard by others so that they will commit to an annual pap test and a healthy, safe lifestyle. May my voice save lives and bring hope.”

What is Cervical Cancer?

There are five main types of cancer that affect woman’s reproductive organs: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal & vulvar. Learn more...

What are the symptoms?

Advanced cervical cancer may cause bleeding or discharge from the vagina that is not normal for you, such as bleeding after sex. Learn more...

Why the Foundation?

Our mission is to prevent cervical cancer related deaths in women globally through support and prevention. Learn more...

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